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If you represent a specialty store, nail service studio or a nail art school, we kindly invite you to join us in business cooperation.

We appreciate your interest in our products and we are happy to offer you beneficial terms of cooperation. Our products are known for excellent quality and relatively low prices. We have flexible discount system for regular clients. One of the main principals of our client work is to treat each of our clients individually.

We offer two forms of cooperation to our clients:

   1. You can purchase goods in small-scale or large-scale bulk at discount ranging from 10 to 30 percent (exact discount level depends on your purchase amount, see table below). The obtained discount is not permanent, it activates each time at appropriate purchase amount.

   2. You can become our official dealer in your region. To accomplish that you should make purchase amounting to at least ₽250000 monthly. The discount obtained at this purchase amount is 40 percent. We conclude a dealer contract with clients ready to cooperate on this basis.

Please note that dealer orders should be paid via bank transfer only.

You can see purchase amounts and appropriate discount percentage in the table below:

Monthly order amount, rub.

Discount percentage

20 000


50 000


100 000


150 000


250 000



You can get the wholesale price-list and a model dealer contract following the links below.


We would be happy to see you among our regular clients and hope for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.